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Tips to choose the prefect tiles for your home

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Which types of tiles is prefect for your home??

There are so many style, sizes, shapes, patterns, textures and colors available. So you can choose any one as you need.

Types of tiles:

1. Ceramic tile

2. Porcelain tile

Ceramic tile versus porcelain tile

Ceramic tile and porcelain tile both are made up of stone, sand and water. But the stone in the porcelain tile, which is also known as vitrified/completely vitrified tile, is extra polished and refined. It is also fired at high temperature & with more force that makes the tile denser.

Best tile for your interiors

  • Due to those variances in manufacturing and materials, porcelain tiles are:
  • Durable & mark resistant
  • More useful when it comes to intricate schemes, surfaces, colors & sizes
  • Prefect for both outdoors and inside
  • More classy than ceramic tiles

Attractive and durable tiles for your interior spaces

Inside the porcelain tile style, we can further classifieds between two types:

1. through-body porcelain

2. Glazed porcelain

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